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    • cataleptik

      comment on "Which killed more? Authoritarian Mentality or Pandemics?"

      Today I am studying the May 4 1911 student uprising in China......led to the foundation of crucial universities, a rejection of Japanese imperialism in China...gradually expanding my knowledge of global history.

      • ureka.app

        comment on "comments"

        ...lly impossible due to their size to reach every corner with vaccines... china with similar population size...ines are not on the list in the top, but i would not trust a vaccine in china since china is also famous fo...

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        • cataleptik

          Help Taiwan Remain Free And Democratic!

          The modern folk desiring Democracy in China face a herculean challenge...they will have to be more innovative than Sokrates AND the framers of the United States' constitution... definitely a battle to be won by brains rather than belligerence...


          • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

            ➽➜⇢➤Mainstream Vs. Alternative Media

            ...l;• SYRIAN NEWS ➜18⇢20➤http://www.syrianews.cc/•• SYRIAN FREE PRESS ➜18⇢20➤https://syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/•• SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST ➜18⇢20➤http://ww...


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            • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

              My News Punch EVENTS

              ...eidounDejahang/presentations   ➽➜⇢➤Anti-China Hysteria Is Ultimately Not Ab...recent article falsely titled “The U.S.-China propaganda war is on hold, bu...; in America’s propaganda war to counter China’s “lies”. H...

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