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    • ura soul

      sure - you've got a political choice!

      ...on as center of a crime and cocaine ring\r\nand here:\r\nthis CIA agent exposed bill clinton and the bush family as cocaine dealers - plus more: Chip Tatum\r\ndonald trump has already b...

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      • ura soul

        hillary clinton's health issue is directly connected to sustained cocaine use.. evidence says clintons deal coke. in the group: conspiracy realists

        as can be seen in some detail via this post that covers the recent wikileaks hack release of hillary clinton's emails - she has been suffering a serious health condition - a sinus thrombosis. this is said to be the cause of her recently being seen losing the use of her feet and being held up by h...

        keywords: cocaine, hillary clinton, clinton, chip tatum, cia, america, denial, politics, thrombosis

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        • ura soul

          Bill Clinton's Lies About CIA Drug Trafficking In Mena, Arkansas in the group: conspiracy realists

          In this clip from The Mena Connection, Sarah McClendon questions Bill Clinton about his knowledge of President Bush and Oliver North smuggling cocaine into Mena, Arkansas. You can watch The Mena Connection here - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8681225708920427234 http://www.infowars.com...

          keywords: cia, america, bill clinton, cocaine, arkansas, mena, air america, chip tatum