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2 results for "christian"

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    • ura soul

      unloving and twisted truths of christian dogmas in the group: aligning self for freedom

      four 'earth orbits (years) after my birth here i was inducted into a school which was not presented to me as being religious - yet every day we were essentially pressured and forced to sing christian 'hymns' - mostly twice a day.\r\nthese rituals were one of the least pleasant parts of my school ...

      keywords: church, catholic, child abuse, ritual abuse, luciferic, denial, heartlessness, anti-christ, christian, school, heart, love

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      • ura soul

        Jesus8880: The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Christianity in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

        The gospels can be read on two levels; one as a historiography of Jesus Christ, the other as Sacred Geometry and Gematria riddles. All the major stories had a unified theme, message, and diagram. From Euclid to Saint John, the ancient Greeks wrote the book when it came to Geometry, Christianity, ...

        keywords: jesus, christian, christianity, greek, sacred geometry, gematria, geometry, language, words, gospels, jesus8880