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    • ura soul

      Studying Victims of CIA Mind Control (MK Ultra) - Dr. D. Corydon Hammond 1992 | AUDIO FIXED in the group: conspiracy realists

      Dr. D. Corydon Hammond gave this talk on June 5th 1992 at the 4th annual eastern regional conference on abuse and multiple personality disorder. He shared numerous details of the programming techniques allegedly used by cults who he says relate back, often, to the CIA and US government - among ot...

      keywords: mkultra, child abuse, cia, mind control, operation paperclip, nazi, trauma, psychology, hypnosis, satanism, cult, ritual abuse, lsd


      • ura soul

        The Jeffrey Epstein Criminal Network Exposed by Journalist Whitney Webb + Search Engine Bias Via the 'Trust Project' in the group: conspiracy realists

        The Jeffrey Epstein Web is vast and many people continue their research into the many groups and individuals that he was connected to and the likely large list of serious crimes he touched into too. Whitney Webb is one of the best known journalists truly diving deeply into this topic and she has ...

        keywords: epstein, news, jeffrey epstein, cia, mafia, america, informationwar


        • ura soul

          contradictory evidence regarding ISIS - ISIL - DAESH in the group: conspiracy realists

          many researchers have now uncovered that significant numbers of the acts of military violence on earth are 'false flags' initiated by one group, pretending to be another group - to give justification to their pre-existing war agenda. in the case of ISIS, their brutality and heartless agenda is we...

          keywords: ISIS, ISIL, DAESH, al quaeda, terrorism, terrorist, CIA, MOSSAD, MI5, coverup, denial

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