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2 results for "college"

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    • cataleptik

      First Draft: "The Mutants." in the group: Earth Heart Theatre

      Stan Lee relates the story:  The Uncanny X-Men got their superhero-group name because of an editorial veto.  When he introduced the initial stories, he called them "The Mutants."   His boss said no. The opinion:  the fans aren't educated enough to know what "mutants" mean.&...

      keywords: comics, art, Holocaust, racists, Artaud, mise-en-scene, punk, controversy, punx.com, original work, high school, college, homelessness, anarchy, anime-planet


      • ura soul

        Debt As a Weapon. US Mil. Recruiter: “Fear of Student Loans Expands Military & War Making”. How To Cancel Alleged Debts For Peace. in the group: conspiracy realists

        The US Military’s head of recruiting recently stated that people are joining the military mainly because of the unbearable cost of a college education due to student loans – since the military provides a college education for free. Think about that – the government’s polic...

        keywords: money, debt, military, usa, education, debt slavery, college, slavery