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    • cataleptik

      comment on "This is an angry fan letter!"

      ...my sensei, my sempai, and occasionally, my model for sculpture as well as shunga expositions in which I dress him up like the author of Forbidden Colours days before his death by sui...

      • cataleptik

        comment on ""Another Dimension""

        ...uzangpo] represents the absolute, naked, sky-like primordial purity of the nature of our mind".[1] He is depicted as a buddha, sky-blue in colour, sitting in the vast expanse...

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        • Leathur Rokk

          Purple Eye Shadow Tutorial

          Purple and violet eye shadow tutorial. ColourPop Cosmetics It's My Pleasure palette  https://youtu.be/t1xEXCKQ9pQ  


          • Leathur Rokk

            ColourPop Makeup Unboxing

            As soon as I found a sale,I treated myself to some new makeup from ColourPop. Lots of dayglow and lots of purple https://youtu.be/dcAIvgR_f-U


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            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              before you had #skin #colour, you were a #heart. by rejecting others due to skin colour or heritage, you are denying who YOU are! HEART!


              • cataleptik

                Lashara by Kajishima Masaki, colours by Marco

                that was a black and white image by the master of character design, Kajishima Masaki.   I added colours in my Dada influenced style.   it is my fond desire, very soon, to put a print of that image right into Kajishima-sensei's hand. that would be giving back.

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                • cataleptik

                  now what?

                  self portrait my colouring approach is inspired by Francois Picabia's "Edtaonisl." it's borrowed from the colour scheme he employed in that pi...

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