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4 results for "compost tea"

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    • ura soul

      Growing BIG Vegetables using Compost Tea in the group: permaculture

      When you maximize the soil potential, you maximize the plant potential. - 46 lb celery - 18 lb carrots - 35 lb cabbage - 60 lb swiss chard - 35 lb zucchini - 40 potatoes from 1 plant Healthy plants resists bugs and slugs from eating them. Plants that don't have to spend energy fighting off pests ...

      keywords: food, grow, vegetables, compost tea

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      • ura soul

        a world class compost tea recipe in the group: permaculture

        this recipe was shared by the creator of the boogie brew compost tea product, via 'growing your greens' on youtube. thanks to all involved.\r\n33% Worm castings (worm gold plus) + compost humus (extra aged compost – 16 month minimum – maybe made from woodchips – 85% woodchips an...

        keywords: compost tea, compost, permaculture, food, garden


        • ura soul

          Compost Tea Recipe to Grow BIG Vegetables Revealed in the group: permaculture

          John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you the secret compost tea recipe that will enable you to grow BIG vegetables, herbs, fruits, trees and other plants using natural, organic methods in your garden.\n\nIn this episode, John visits the World Headquarters of the Boogie Brew Com...

          keywords: compost tea, open source, kelp, wormcastings, brewer's yeast, compost


          • ura soul

            Best DIY Compost Tea Brewer made with a Garbage Can & PVC Pipe in the group: permaculture

            John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ and Josh Cunnings from Boogie Brew share with you the best DIY Open Source 25-gallon compost tea brewer you can make out of a garbage can, PVC pipe and fittings from a hardware store near you. In this episode, John and Josh will show you the 25 Gallon O...

            keywords: compost tea, compost, gardening