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3 results for "consent"

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    • ura soul

      WE ARE POLICED by CONSENT - PROOF in the group: policing

      How do you think you give your consent to the police? by offering or agreeing to be the name on the birth certificate, this is the consent you give to receive punishment for any non-harm "offence" as a crime needs to have an injured party. ALL Acts & Statutes are for members of "THE SOCIETY" ...

      keywords: police, consent, statutes, act, common law, uk, free will, balance, commonly known as dom

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      • ura soul

        WE ARE POLICED BY CONSENT IN BRITAIN in the group: policing

        keywords: police, england, uk, britain, consent, statutes, legal fiction, strawman


        • ura soul

          discussing the freeman movement: Mark Passio, Clint Richardson and Bill Turner in the group: constitutional mechanics 101

          Probably one of the most eye opening discussions on the strawman, freeman "lose the name" movements that have sprung up around the world. What's the reality? What are the costs? Does it actually work? Mark Passio Joins Vinny Eastwood with Clint Richardson and BIll Turner for a once in a lifetime ...

          keywords: freeman, sovereign, natural law, balance, justice, peace, government, law, rules, rights, consent

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