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    • cataleptik

      baiting the majors

      ...oh, i'm sorry, i mean MSNBC, to see what they weren't reporting about. sometimes, it seems like they didn't have computers. to understand the corruption of MSNBC, one must pay attent...

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      • ura soul

        the vaccine racket

        keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, corruption, greed, psychopathy, CDC

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        • ura soul

          medical mafia in the group: conspiracy realists

          the medical systems on our planet have been totally taken over and hijacked by big money interests who do nothing to help our health.

          keywords: medical mafia, medicine, greed, corruption, fraud, denial, heartlessness, health


          • ura soul

            media bias in the group: slavery today

            the lamestream media of this planet is commonly twisted in favor of the agenda of those who 'own' the group. why would you 'work' for someone who thinks they 'own' you and can direct your actions? that is slavery.

            keywords: media, bias, newspapers, news media, corruption, denial, news


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