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4 results for "corruption"


    • cataleptik

      baiting the majors

      ...oh, i'm sorry, i mean MSNBC, to see what they weren't reporting about. sometimes, it seems like they didn't have computers. to understand the corruption of MSNBC, one must pay attent...

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      • ura soul

        the vaccine racket

        keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, corruption, greed, psychopathy, CDC

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        • ura soul

          vaccine circular logic

          keywords: vaccinations, vaccines, pharma, medicine, denial, corruption, greed

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          • ura soul

            media bias is clear here.. 'others' killed?

            for reference, the 'others' in the newspaper title here are those identified commonly as 'Palestinians'. the hypocrisy and denial of the ones involved here has them simul...

            keywords: media, israel, gaza, corruption, denial, hypocrisy, arabs, palestinians

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