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182 results for "covid19"


    • ureka.app

      comment on "comments"

      ...ase of measles you reach a new born or baby, there is a very high chance you kill that baby. would you voluntarily take that risk? in the case of covid19 ur probably gonna kill a gran...


      • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

        My News Punch DR F.DEJAHANG

        ...he 12 deadliest viruses on Earth• Top 10 mysterious diseasesOriginally published on Live Science. https://www.livescience.com/genes-for-covid19-coronavirus-severity.html BY...




        • ura soul

          Which killed more? Authoritarian Mentality or Pandemics?

          Before shaming others for being guided by their own will and inner voice that needs liberation - study history and speak from understanding, not guilt.

          keywords: covid19, pandemic, anarchy, politics, logic, health, democide, genocide, communism, covid1984

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          • ura soul

            COVID19 Related Pharma / Science / Medical Whistleblowers in the group: holistic healing

            There have been very many voices from all fields of science and medicine who have spoken out against the mainstream narrative of the causes, nature and appropriate response to COVID19. These voices tend to be censored, but deserve to be heard for us to understand the full story.

            keywords: covid19, covid1984, coronavirus, pandemic, science, health, whistleblowers, censorship, free speech


            • ura soul

              Covid 1984 - A Pre-Planned Power Grab Exploiting A Serious Health Crisis? in the group: holistic healing

              ...ndeavours, what may have started out with good intentions has quickly been heartlessly redirected for personal power gain. Whether you think that COVID19 came from a 'natural' process...

              keywords: covid19, covid1984, coronavirus, pandemic, plandemic, fauci, gates foundation, vaccinations, china, wuhan, contagion


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