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  • Divine heart gallery (The Artery)

    Welcome to the main ARTery ;)\r\nThe commonly visible spectrum of light is labelled 'rainbow' - what is seen as wet light vibrates the wet-air of earth's atom-sphere. When our own light is unhindered and unhindering our own movements, we can more completely be our rainbow selves with loving and balanced heart.\r\nThe divine heart gallery is for creations of new heartistry, unconditional love and the balance that is truly needed for life to flourish.
  • sacred shapes / geometry

    sacred geometry is the awareness and application of numerical constants to form and exploration of resonance within consciousness. \r\nthe planets are in some senses an exploration of sacred geometry, as are our bodies.. living formations of our will into shapes and expressions. within the 'everyday' patterns we may have become numbed to are numbers that reveal the essential beauty and strength of the essence of us and of creation.\r\nthe knowledge of the constants that have become known as sacred geometries has been encoded into the many large structures that cover the surface of earth, from the many pyramids, earth structures (mounds) through to the many stone cities, temples and beyond; they mostly, if not all, share a mathematical mapping and express constants and principles which are now being more and more widely comprehended.\r\nwhat can we learn from this? whatever we intend to, choose to and allow to be real. the scope is infinite.




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    • cataleptik

      Portrait Of The Artist Watanabe Shinichi

      ...y.  that inspires me, and i see it, therefore, as the most  necessary and beautiful of things as far as the process of inspiration and creation of cool style

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      • ura soul


        every thought that says "that is impossible" is a brick in the wall of impossibility!

        keywords: impossibility, possibility, creation, reality, unlimitation, limitation, infinity

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        • innerverse

          HeART Creations (InnerVerse Loot Contest!)

          This is an album of some of my works over the last few years. The items included here are potential prints you will receive for winning the InnerVerse/Ureka contest I've started. Other treasure will be included in this prize box, but I wanted to give an idea of the art you could receive for winning.

          keywords: art, heart, creativity, creation, innerverse, artist, markers, digital art

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          • Aknight

            Weather & Reality Creation

            Thought you all might find this interesting... Josh & Adrienne discuss the massive tornado activity in the US to explore how we create our weather metaphysically in...


            • Aknight

              What is the Purpose of our Human Journey?

              At the cross roads of Spirit & Matter... Josh, Adrienne & our friendly Over Soul SOTU - a 25 year journey in conscious creation. Excerpt of 4.7.19 'Healing the Rift' Radio Sh...


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              • ura soul

                evolving creation in the group: open hearted science

                by defining a battle between the ideas of 'evolution' and 'creation' - the ones making these definitions have inspired massive error, suffering and unenlightenment.\r\nin fact, the way this has been done in many churches will result in many of those involved experiencing hellish realities, not du...

                keywords: evolution, creation, evolution vs creation, creationism, creationist, evolutionary theory, darwin, balance, healing, divine truth, unconditional love, light


                • ura soul

                  medicinal thinking from the heart: ending denial & correcting our 'code of right thinking' in the group: aligning self for freedom

                  within me i am aware of what has evolved through conscious choice and decision as what i have labelled 'the code of right thinking' - that is to say that decisions are based on 'sound judgment' and upon what has been determined to be 'the right approach' on particular topics. as experience is liv...

                  keywords: sub-conscious, un-conscious, creation, reality, reality creation, will, free will, right use of will, healing, balance, harmony, love, freedom

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