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      ideas that are integrative, revolutionary & that stimulate changes that evolve and release the limitations & suppressions which pervade society



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        The Measured & The Mystical ft. Daniele Bolelli

        ...ontrol #freedom #unfucktheworld #podcaster #philosophy #john #yentes #secret #energy  #consciousness #balance #harmony #wprpn #1111 #77 #7 #creativity #creative #creator


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          2.23 - Animating the Soul ft. @Moka_Asaki

          \r\n\r\nLindsey has always liked to draw, doodles, characters, and whatever she's feeling. In this episode we talk about ways to employ creativity as therapy, and the many ways our soci...

          keywords: innerverse, podcast, drawing, art, creativity, creative, artist, anime, mind control, government, culture, society


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            Breakthrough to Creativity, by Shafica Karagulla - I have been scouring the internet for a pdf copy of this book, on the very subject you're describing. So far no luck, I may have to pay for it. Mysterious Universe podcast reviewed it, great...more


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              Portrait Of The Artist Watanabe Shinichi

              what is inspiration?  it is...multifarious and has many aspects. to me as an illustrator, one aspect of inspiration is gratitude. something has engaged my imaginat...

              keywords: samadhi, satori, inspiration, creativity, zen

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                indiepublic_salvage_00013 Indiepublic International Versus The Oppressor

                ...Never underestimate the Chinese people.  Many of them want direct democracy, and they are attacking the problem of nationalist fascism with creativity, wisdom and spirit.  ...

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                  HeART Creations (InnerVerse Loot Contest!)

                  This is an album of some of my works over the last few years. The items included here are potential prints you will receive for winning the InnerVerse/Ureka contest I've started. Other treasure will be included in this prize box, but I wanted to give an idea of the art you could receive for winning.

                  keywords: art, heart, creativity, creation, innerverse, artist, markers, digital art

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                    creative gardening in the group: permaculture

                    novel, creative, exciting ideas for the garden

                    keywords: gardening, creativity, fresh ideas



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