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    • ura soul

      New Order of Barbarians: Transcript Part 3 of 3 in the group: conspiracy realists

      ...pushed the right buttons and I know how much credit you have electronically; I kn...computer." Right now you have a half a dozen credit cards in your pocket, but pretty soon it will be narrowed to one credit card and then when we... you know...


      • ura soul

        New Order of Barbarians: Transcript Part 2 of 3 in the group: conspiracy realists

        ...need ID. This would at first be an ID card you would carry on your person...lers. Money would become predominately credit. It was already ... money is primarily a credit thing but exchange of money...be based on different kinds of credit cards ... these were already in us...

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        • ura soul

          by ura soul

          the really twisted part is that you don't need to have a credit card or a loan to be involved in the debt. the dollars and other currencies are themselves debt currencies - there is no escape from the debt as long as you use them - it's just that...more

          • SoulFish

            by SoulFish

            Then I am rich, lol. Actually, I have never had a credit card in my life. I owe nobody anything. I get what you are saying though, I used to work at a bank, I saw it every day and every day was glad to not be involved. It was sad to see.

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            • ura soul

              creators of getoutofdebtfree.org speak about clearing fake debt in the group: aligning self for freedom

              http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org Jon and Ceylon from getoutofdebtfree.org are interviewed by Alex G on EdgeMedia and recently aired on Sky TV, channel 200. Talking about the fraudulent commerce system, they share solutions which they have used successfully to beat the system.

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