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    • ura soul

      Ondrej Smeykal - (Czech Republic - Praha) 1/6 Didjin'OZ 2009 Forlimpopoli 11-07-09 in the group: music, harmony & vibration

      Forlimpopoli Didjin'OZ 2009 Festival Internazionale del didjeridoo Arte, Cultura e Musica dallAustralia 9-10-11-12 Luglio 2009 Rocca di Forlimpopoli (FC)\n\nOne-man Didgeridoo orchestra - break-beat organic Didgeridoo techno trance ambient\nhttp://www.smeykal.com\nwww.didjinoz.com\nwww.ove...

      keywords: didgeridoo, crystal, crystal didgeridoo, music


      • ura soul

        Bashar - channelled consciousness on colours and crystals in healing in the group: Crystals & Stones

        Colors and Crystals \r\n \r\nB: All right, I’ll say: how are you all this afternoon of your time, as you know time to exist?\r\nAUD: Great. Fine. How are you? Etc.\r\nB: Thank you; perfect, thank you. We will begin with questions.\r\nQ: I have a question. \r\nB: All right.\r\nQ: I woul...

        keywords: bashar, colours, frequency, vibration, crystal, crystals

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        • ura soul

          Bashar on Gravity and Crystals in the group: Crystals & Stones

          Levitation and Crystals \r\nQ: Hello. Lately I’ve been feeling interested in gravity.\r\nB: Gravity!\r\nQ: Yes, and I would like to ask you if it has any relationship with levitation...\r\nB: Yes.\r\nQ: ... and things like that. \r\nB: Yes. \r\nQ: I would like to see if you could give me so...

          keywords: bashar, crystal, crystals, levitation, gravity


          • SolitaryFriend

            Indigos, Starseeds, Crystal, Rainbow Children & Parents

            For more information on these Kids Please visit my website link at: http://ownmindbodyspirit.com/?p=863 http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/voyag01d.htm In this video I discuss my personal experience and challenges growing up with the special abilities of Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow ki...

            keywords: Indigos, Starseeds, Crystal, Rainbow, Children, Parents