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4 results for "cyborg"

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    • ura soul

      targetted individual with MRI scans of his cyborg implants - Bases 52: KieronTI at Probe in the group: slavery today

      Kieron Lee Perrin is a British TI, or Targeted Individual. He has MRI scans showing his large Type 25 implants. Now his latest data is this is an interdimensional issue, involving octoforms...spiders. The Super Soldiers are Inter Dimensional Soldiers, where time and coherence logical straight lin...

      keywords: targetted individual, ti, cyborg, implants, synthetic telepathy, mkultra, monarch

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      • ura soul

        Bases2016 - Targetted Individuals discussing AI, brain implants and more in the group: slavery today

        Targeted Individual "Bases TI" special evening at the Bases2016 international Conference, hosted by British Dimensional soldier, Kieron lee Perrin. With two international speakers, Leo from Sweden (EUCACH) and Paolo Friora of Italy, a London based activist. Discussion of the 2045 agenda to make h...

        keywords: ti, transhumanism, cyborg, implants, bases, artificial intelligence, ai


        • ura soul

          Epstein's 1953 Trust: Funding AI & Transhuman Tech Via Bill Gates? Solving The Mystery Of Jeffrey Epstein's Last Will in the group: conspiracy realists

          In breaking news it has been announced that Jeffrey Epstein's half a billion dollar estate is to be mostly left to a mystery trust called the 1953 trust. It has also been reported that he named an adviser to Bill Gates as a backup executor (who has since claimed he knew nothing about it). I rec...

          keywords: epstein, news, bill gates, ai, cyborg, transhumanism, microsoft, child abuse


          • ura soul

            CYBORG SOLDIER 2050 DEEP DIVE! We Have The Documents! in the group: conspiracy realists

            CYBORG SOLDIER 2050 DEEP DIVE! We Have The Documents!https://www.gofundme.com/f/bermasbrigademediamonth5https://1vs5i.com/Bitcoin - 1HHdgXD5e1DJrDqbEGWbnvzj2eb739eVVo#BermasBrigade #UniversalSoldier #DeepDive

            keywords: super soldier, ai, cyborg, darpa, fw, military, implants