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3 results for "darpa"

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    • ura soul

      Darpa B.R.A.I.N. Chip Program EXPOSED! in the group: conspiracy realists

      David talks with Peter Breggin about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and their relationship to mass shootings. David and Bregginalso talk about the Pentagon's effort to lobotomize U.S. soldiers and DARPA's research into brain implants. 

      keywords: mind control, mkultra, brain, darpa, america, infowars, lobotomy, ptsd, brain chips, psycho-surgery, ssri, psychiatry

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      • ura soul

        Facebook Developing Ability to Read Your Thoughts... & The Dark Secret of Machine Learning in the group: conspiracy realists

        In this week’s edition of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso investigates Facebook’s unveiling of Building 8 and their research into brain-computer interfaces. He explores some curious inconsistencies in the relationship between DARPA and institutions of technological research. Also, AI deep lear...

        keywords: darpa, facebook, hci, neuroscience, brain


        • ura soul

          CYBORG SOLDIER 2050 DEEP DIVE! We Have The Documents! in the group: conspiracy realists

          CYBORG SOLDIER 2050 DEEP DIVE! We Have The Documents!https://www.gofundme.com/f/bermasbrigademediamonth5https://1vs5i.com/Bitcoin - 1HHdgXD5e1DJrDqbEGWbnvzj2eb739eVVo#BermasBrigade #UniversalSoldier #DeepDive

          keywords: super soldier, ai, cyborg, darpa, fw, military, implants