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    • ura soul

      vaccines & related criminal activity in the group: holistic healing

      much evidence exists that vaccinations have long been used as a way to CAUSE illness on a mass scale, rather than prevent illness. this has been partly caused by ignorance...

      keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, cancer, detox, lymphoma, ebola, aid, hiv, polio, criminal malfeasance, mass murder, denial, crimes against humanity, soft war, depopulation, agenda 21, autism, mercury, autistic, heavy metals, aluminium, measles, mmr, bcg, pharmaceuticals

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      • ura soul

        Jay Parker: Awaken those around you to Satanic NWO depopulation and geoengineering in the group: conspiracy realists

        VANCOUVER, BC - In his new ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Jay Parker adds a new dimension of depopulation and geoengineering to the revelations of the Satanic/Illuminati community of 34 million Americans Jay Parker gave in his previous interview. Jay Parker: How 34 million ...

        keywords: morgellons, chemtrails, depopulation, satanism, heartlessness, nano technology, google, denial, gmo

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        • ura soul

          NWO insider reveals social engineering & depopulation plan: 1969! in the group: conspiracy realists

          "the new order of barbarians" details: This is amazing information from Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who was invited to attend a lecture by Dr. Richard Day in 1969. Dr. Day told this room of about 80-90 doctors all about the changes they would witness in their lifetime as a result of "The Order" or as we...

          keywords: nwo, new world order, eugenics, heartlessness, depopulation, cancer, rockefellers, rockefeller foundation, america, denial, social engineering

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