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6 results for "design"

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    • ura soul

      organic architecture of javier senosiain in the group: permaculture

      beautifully flowing creations!

      keywords: architecture, house, organic, design, community

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      • ura soul

        Small Scale Permaculture Eco Farm in Tropical Paradise in the group: permaculture

        John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits a permaculture oasis in the tropics. In this episode, you will discover how the land owner has a full permaculture food forest with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, beans and more without doing ANY work.\n\nYou will also get a d...

        keywords: food forest, permaculture, hawaii, garden, garden design, design


        • ura soul

          enhancement: activity page now supports advanced filtering in the group: network information

          a great new feature has been added to ureka that makes the activity page much more useful. you can now filter the main activity list to only show items within specific zones, from all of your zones, within specific time periods, of a particular type (such as videos, thoughts and photos) - plus an...

          keywords: features, activity, filters, sorting, design, enhancement


          • ura soul

            [ENG] intro: holistic balance in social systems. talk @ elgg camp, Italy in the group: creativity

            ** this is an edited, english only version ** my presentation at the elgg camp in pesaro, italy (2016). elgg is a software framework (elgg.org) used to build web applications with a social focus, such as www.ureka.org. in this presentation i shared a brief introduction to some principles of holis...

            keywords: italy, elgg, social networks, system design, holistic balance, holistice, balance, design, open source, computing


            • ura soul

              Philippa Foster Art

              Wildlife, Botany, Science-Fiction, Science-Fact, Artist Impressions, Book Jackets, Line Drawings

              keywords: ufo, art, design, et, rendelsham, light ship


              • ura soul

                Ureka.org - Steem Powered Hybrid Social Network Has a New Look! :) in the group: network information

                Ureka.org - Steem Powered Hybrid Social Network Has a New Look! :)I'm happy to announce that after a few days of intense coding, the ureka.org has updated visual themes, a new homepage and various other improvements. All feedback is welcome in the comments below!For those who are unaware, Ureka.o...

                keywords: steem, ureka, technology, design