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    • ura soul

      by ura soul

      yes ok, i thought that would be the case. i have already done a few forms of detox, so i will test it on me first, gently. thanks for the tip.

      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        back on the shilajit today - a master detoxifier; i recommend this to everyone, it's a great aid to body and to our balance.

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        • ura soul

          fluoride in the group: holistic healing

          keywords: fluoride, water, poison, toxic, denial, greed, pollution, iq, detox




          • ura soul

            fasting as a therapy for increased health in the group: holistic healing

            although still largely misunderstood and rarely given acceptance in many areas of earth, fasting remains one of the most effective ways of bringing the body to balance...

            keywords: fasting, water fast, water, health, detox, diet, cleanse

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            • ura soul

              healing: cancer in the group: holistic healing

              despite numerous successful and mostly free methods for healing cancers having been known and available through most of humanity's experiences of cancer, many remain i...

              keywords: cancer, healing, detox, body, health, well-being, balance, big c

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