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    • Egon



      • cataleptik

        comment on ""Another Dimension""

        ...;you, and your two sisters...extra-dimensional deities responsible for the creation of the multiverse...and, by extrapolation, all of the higher dimensions of existence." "He's good,"...

        • SolitaryFriend

          comment on "The Shamen - Transamazonia HD"

          Natures planets are capable of sending people to any time, at any point in history, through multi-dimensions and beyond. Once you have seen everything, everything is possible.




          • harmony

            by harmony

            all animals are in touch with father and mother earth, and with others in other dimensions, they feel and see what most humans have lost - they use telepathy, so may not feel the need to separate from physical body like humans.

            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              very few of those who understand they have presence in multiple dimensions and realities have felt enough to know the importance of their presence on earth - i cannot repeat this enough.

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              • ura soul

                Ascension Sciences From Godmind in the group: sacred shapes / geometry

                a detailed expaining of aspects of dimensional realisation and creation - brought via angelic 'guardian races'.

                keywords: angelic, dimensions, geometry

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                • ura soul

                  what are heaven and hell? in the group: cosmic interactions

                  we have all evolved in different ways since the original cause of creation. therefore, we all have different 'pieces of the puzzle' and may not each have enough to answer such existential questions perfectly.\r\nsome will say that 'heaven' is a location and a 'place' and they may have memory of e...

                  keywords: heaven, heall, spirit, god, metaphysics, dimensions


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