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    • ura soul

      words of wisdom about money and value in the group: aligning self for freedom

      as many have discovered, the 'money' system is almost entirely false. the value of any monetary system is only that which the spirits involved (you/me/we/us) give to it through intention and belief. despite this, day after day, so many of us live struggling to access more 'money' and even kill an...

      keywords: money, value, truth, law, rules, economy, cashless, freedom, sustainability, divine truth

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      • ura soul

        evolving creation in the group: open hearted science

        by defining a battle between the ideas of 'evolution' and 'creation' - the ones making these definitions have inspired massive error, suffering and unenlightenment.\r\nin fact, the way this has been done in many churches will result in many of those involved experiencing hellish realities, not du...

        keywords: evolution, creation, evolution vs creation, creationism, creationist, evolutionary theory, darwin, balance, healing, divine truth, unconditional love, light


        • ura soul

          artificial borders & nations

          our lives, experiences and this planet and our bodies are creation. we are living and creating reality. we are living co-creators of reality.\r\nthe reality that we have been experiencing the creation of, has included what we can label as 'unconscious creation' - meaning we are creating without k...

          keywords: divine truth, borders, evolution, earth, nations, countries, free will, healing, balance

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