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      ...and very real opportunity to keep transforming and ascending all because of my absurdly Good Karma, and this tiny little speck of starstuff in my DNA     make no mist...

      • ura soul

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        ...was indeed biological (not fabricated). It was also determined that the DNA from the humanoid did not hav...S NOT EXPLAIN THE PRESENCE OF A MATURE TOOTH found in this humanoid. The DNA obtained (from both the skull...



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        • ura soul


          ...tistic children revealed a mixture of fungi-, human-, worm- and fruitfly-DNA. A typical ability of this cl...theric” crossbreed-organism which afterwards attaches to the human DNA-clusters.\r\n- harald kautz v...

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              The Atacama Mystery in the group: cosmic interactions

              For more, visit http://www.SiriusDisclosure.com. Dr. Steven Greer leads the investigation into a mysterious humanoid specimen found in Chile's Atacama Desert. With the help of Dr. Garry Nolan and Dr. Ralph Lachman of Stanford University, he hopes to unravel the enigma. For the full reports with p...

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              • ura soul

                activating the kindalini - giving compassion a chance in the group: Divine heart gallery (The Artery)

                when the concensus is that emotional expression is 'weak' and 'makes you a pansy', the result is tyranny and heartlessness.\r\ncompassion does not exist when the concensus agreement is to deny the true emotional reality of self.\r\nchanging these decisions so that we no longer deny the true vibra...

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