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4 results for "dna"


    • ura soul

      comment on "comments"

      ...n in many parts of the planet. I know someone who runs a children's home in Tanzania who has to hire Massai warriors to protect the children from kidnappers who seek to murder and c...

      • ureka.app

        comment on "comments"

        ...an old saying, you play, you pay, part of that pay is your expected silence in partaking. Now you want to come at me with young improvised girls kidnapped from foreign countries an...

        • cataleptik

          comment on "wow"

          ...and very real opportunity to keep transforming and ascending all because of my absurdly Good Karma, and this tiny little speck of starstuff in my DNA     make no mist...

          • ura soul

            comment on "The Atacama Mystery"

            ...was indeed biological (not fabricated). It was also determined that the DNA from the humanoid did not hav...S NOT EXPLAIN THE PRESENCE OF A MATURE TOOTH found in this humanoid. The DNA obtained (from both the skull...