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6 results for "earthquake"


    • ura soul

      10/30/2016 -- LIVES SAVED thanks to Earthquake warning! Full Italy earthquake update in the group: open hearted science

      ...revented in Italy thanks to the earthquake forecast + warning making it...ople in Italy who live near the earthquake epicenter. A series of import...2016, calling for M6.8 to M7.8 earthquake activity to strike directly a...e prepared -- :) Janet made the earthquake forecast known to the LOCALS...

      keywords: earthquake, italy, prediction, fracking


      • ura soul

        New earthquake Unrest hits West coast + Midwest USA -- in the group: open hearted science

        Earthquake Monitoring Links below! This...ast 48 hours of USGS reported earthquakes + the last 50 EMSC reported earthquakes internationally. No voice in...rth. The feed may show double earthquakes in some locations due to bot...ing 4 times). The most recent earthquake has a green placemark / flag...

        keywords: earthquake, fracking, frac, america, oklahoma, california, denial


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