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3 results for "earthquake"

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    • ura soul

      3/05/2016 -- Dutchsinse calls media ! Smeared by CBS News / PNSN + USGS over Mt. Saint Helens EQ in the group: open hearted science

      I am under attack by the PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network), USGS, and CBS News (KIRO 7) out of Washington State for reporting on an earthquake at Mount Saint Helens volcano. This video contains a direct call to the media who are carrying this story. MyNorthwest.com via KIRO 7 - the author ...

      keywords: earthquake, weather modification, prediction, fracking, america, corruption, denial, plasma, microwave


      • ura soul

        New earthquake Unrest hits West coast + Midwest USA -- in the group: open hearted science

        Earthquake Monitoring Links below! This stream is showing the past 48 hours of USGS reported earthquakes + the last 50 EMSC reported earthquakes internationally. No voice in this video unless a large earthquake strikes. Marker height off the globe = depth into the Earth. The feed may show double ...

        keywords: earthquake, fracking, frac, america, oklahoma, california, denial


        • ura soul

          10/30/2016 -- LIVES SAVED thanks to Earthquake warning! Full Italy earthquake update in the group: open hearted science

          Lives were saved, and injuries were prevented in Italy thanks to the earthquake forecast + warning making it to the people in Italy who live near the earthquake epicenter. A series of important warnings were issued on my main youtube channel on October 28, 2016, calling for M6.8 to M7.8 earthquak...

          keywords: earthquake, italy, prediction, fracking