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    • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

      My News Punch DR F DEJAHANG-PAST 10 DAYS-P1

      ..., by all the methods of censorship and propaganda, enhanced by the technology of the social-media environment, not to mention institutionalized "education". So please stop. Reset. Try...


      • ura soul

        New Order of Barbarians: Transcript Part 3 of 3 in the group: conspiracy realists

        ...ofile and a little bit about his education and particularly his relation...ls... how quickly so-called AIDS education was introduced. It did amaze...e reason for this so-called AIDS education was to protect children from...to dictate the truth WE use. Sex education is NOT education. It's condit...


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        • SoulFish

          by SoulFish

          "A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play, his labour and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence...more



          • ura soul

            my top 8 documentaries for healing, balancing & evolution

            i have watched a vast amount of documentaries in my life on earth.. here are the 10 that are online that i most recommend. i update this list from time to time.

            keywords: documentaries, documentary, film, films, movie, movies, learning, health, education, balance, evolution, spirit

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            • ura soul

              Is the mind control in schools any different to the control in prisons and concentration camps? in the group: free will & non conformity

              *whistle sounds*"STOP NOW"."bell sounds""STOP PLAYING NOW, COME INSIDE"all seems innocent enough right? how else will 'teachers' get the children to come back to class, AGAINST THEIR WILL?\r\nif the children want to come back to class there is no need to control them; they will do so when they ar...

              keywords: school, education, mind control, nwo, luciferic, heartlessness, denial, enslavement, slavery, nazi, free will, patterns, control, barbaric

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              • ura soul

                Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations - social engineering and starting wars in the group: slavery today

                Norman Dodd was interviewed in 1982 by G. Edward Griffin regarding the time he spent as the head researcher for the Reece Committee. This is a truly eye opening look into what the tax exempt foundations are doing in the United States - their attempt to merge the Soviet System of Government with t...

                keywords: america, education, carnegie, rockefeller, banks, history, banking, social engineering, heartlessness

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