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      ...based my comment on the title and text. >Right wing basically means empire building and traditional powe...wings are for this, they just target different areas to claim as their empire as they both seek to make the...

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        ...out search suggestions, not about the actual search results. I thought that was clear in the examples I gave in there. Right wing basically means empire building and traditional powe...

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        • ura soul

          unloving empire structures on our planet

          most are aware of the way that the land of the planet has been divided up and artificial boundaries created - generally in ways that are unloving, problematic and imbalanced. the empire builders sought to dominate and control the power of the beings on the planet using any available method - and ...

          keywords: empire, denial, heartlessness, healing, balance, courts, government, police

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          • ura soul

            North Korea Exposes the Western Propaganda (Full Documentary) in the group: slavery today

            Presented by an anonymous North Korean professor, this anti-Western propaganda film attacks the moral attenuation, political manipulation and hyper-consumerism that characterize the Western world. In chapters with titles like “Rewriting History,” “Advertising” and “T...

            keywords: korea, slavery, mind control, government, america, empire, heartlessness, war, denial, propaganda, north korea, korea, israel, palestine, terrorism

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