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    • ura soul

      Bases 3-6 Rendlesham UFO Events The British Investigators in the group: cosmic interactions

      Audrey Counsell in the RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge events, at the centre of Rendlesham Forest UFO events, with British investigators, artist Audrey Counsell and Terry Lambert. Audrey ran the ET Contactee support group RAPPORT, at the time.Audrey runs a support group and meetup group, and gi...

      keywords: ufo, et, england, rendlesham

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      • ura soul

        UK's Hidden Shadows - Official - Inspired by Out of Shadows in the group: conspiracy realists

        UK's Hidden Shadows is a new documentary examining the recent history of allegations of child abuse and cover-ups within the British establishment. Filmed over the course of a year, the 90-minute documentary features interviews with victims of child abuse, journalists and police whistle-blowers. ...

        keywords: england, child abuse, jimmy saville, prince andrew, jeffrey epstein, mi5, margaret thatcher, ted heath