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6 results for "error"

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    • ura soul

      mu in the group: cruelty to life

      all about the family we label as 'cows'.

      keywords: cows, food, milk, cattle, dairy, farming, dependency, denial, error

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      • ura soul

        Smart Dust Computers Can Track Everything in the group: transforming disaster

        A new type of computer that can track every thing about a person or city. It is suppose to be everywhere and on everything. AS SEEN ON http://www.truthed.com

        keywords: error, evil, smart dust, computers

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        • ura soul

          the delusion of healthcare systems in the group: holistic healing

          often we hear ideas such as 'country x has the best healthcare system in the world and other countries should look to them for advice'. unfortunately, this viewpoint does not include understanding of what healing actually is. healing is an internal transformation, which does not require the assis...

          keywords: health, error, right use of will


          • ura soul

            addiction to heartlessness

            “This stunning sculpture by Liu Qiang is an accurate depiction of humanity’s use of, and utter dependence on other animals and, in particular, the bizarre habit of consuming the breast milk from mothers of other species—milk that these mothers have produced for their own babies,...

            keywords: heartlessness, milk, cattle, error, denial, cows

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            • ura soul

              control is the problem, not the solution in the group: holistic healing

              Control implies separation and a division - control cannot exist unless the controller and the controlled both exist.The fundamental oneness of unity of 'all that is' once again reveals the error of choosing the illusion of control and especially the error of thinking that the illusion of control...

              keywords: expansion, suppression, denial, free will, healing, balance, right use of will, heart, control, error

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              • ura soul

                jumping to conclusions...

                the biggest threat facing us is?\r\nthe habit of jumping to conclusions.. aka 'judgement'!\r\nwhy?\r\nacting on thoughts that are based on guesses, half truths & incomplete information leads to failure.\r\nif we continue without correcting this, we create a society based on lies. like...\r\no...

                keywords: judgement, judgment, error, guessing, logic, brain, mind, thinking, thought, success

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