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  • Rebel music

    A place to post music with political revolutionary or spiritually evolutionary lyrics. Google "songs banned after 911" and you will understand the low quality lyrical content of mainstream music. Music is potentially the most spiritually powerful and revolutionary media...
  • slavery today

    slavery is the overpowering of an aspect of self by unloving consciousness. common targets of overpowering that unlovingness chooses to dominate include 'the free will of beings', 'the free evolution of the mind' & 'the needs and desires of the body'. all recognised forms of slavery include these types of domination in one way or another.
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    • ura soul

      my top 8 documentaries for healing, balancing & evolution

      i have watched a vast amount of documentaries in my life on earth.. here are the 10 that are online that i most recommend. i update this list from time to time.

      keywords: documentaries, documentary, film, films, movie, movies, learning, health, education, balance, evolution, spirit

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      • ura soul

        flower of life - tool of harmony, connection and balance

        flower of life as map for harmony, peace and successful living.\r\n \r\nthe flower of life pattern can only be carefully created when each circle maps directly to the center/core of the other circles; or in other words, the heart of each circle must precisely be connected to and positioned i...

        keywords: flower of life, sacred geometry, network, balance, community, heart, society, evolution

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        • ura soul

          some effects of the presence of denial in our energy in the group: aligning self for freedom

          energy and vibration is constant inside of us. we have the capacity to make associations and meanings of what particular feelings and vibrations are. often we mis attribute feelings and thoughts to having causes that in truth they do not have.\r\nthe thoughtfoms/phrases 'feeling like' / 'i feel l...

          keywords: healing, right use of will, feelings, denial, truth, body, spirit, love, peace, evolution

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