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    • ura soul

      ura soul

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      • ura soul

        by ura soul

        genius can be allowed in every moment when we safely allow unconditional emotional expression. your genius is necessary now. #love #evolving

        • ura soul

          Survival on Earth requires us to change our patterns now. in the group: earth heart

          Survival on earth now requires us to learn to cease the fascination with flashing lights, visual imagery and other forms of mental occupation that keep us distant from our other aspects that are weakened and injured due to being denied for so long.\r\nAs a software engineer and artist i long ago ...

          keywords: survival, will, balance, healing, god, spirit, earth, evolution, evolving

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          • innerverse

            116 - Ura Soul | Getting Real With Healing

            @ura-soul returns to InnerVerse!   A prolific content creator and founder of free-speech social media network Ureka.org, Ura Soul is a heart-centered individual who shares knowledge to help our journey of balancing, healing & evolving.   Show Notes & Lin...

            keywords: healing, podcast, ura soul, ureka, evolving, vegan