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2 results for "expansion"

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    • ura soul

      control is the problem, not the solution in the group: holistic healing

      Control implies separation and a division - control cannot exist unless the controller and the controlled both exist.The fundamental oneness of unity of 'all that is' once again reveals the error of choosing the illusion of control and especially the error of thinking that the illusion of control...

      keywords: expansion, suppression, denial, free will, healing, balance, right use of will, heart, control, error

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      • ura soul

        Are you excited to cause evolution, balancing & healing on earth, using the Ureka social platform? in the group: network information

        Ureka.org is expanding & forming a team! If you are excited to move beyond the passive sharing and receiving of information via other social networks, then i invite you to consider the opportunities now arising here at Ureka.   There are many areas of creativity that can be explored ...

        keywords: team, help, expansion, roles, peace, ureka

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