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2 results for "farsight institute"

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    • ura soul

      Remote Viewing 9/11: Part 1 - The World Trade Center Attacks in the group: conspiracy realists

      http://www.farsight.org/According to remote-viewing data collected at The Farsight Institute in one of the most revolutionary projects ever, this is the story of what really happened during the terror attacks that occurred in the United States on the 11th of September, 2001. This is Part 1 of a t...

      keywords: 911, remote viewing, farsight institute


      • ura soul

        Mystery of Gobekli Tepe: Farsight (TRAILER) in the group: earth heart

        Farsight's Web Site:http://farsight.orgThis is the trailer for the full remote-viewing documentary, The Mystery of Gobekli Tepe, available on Farsight's Streaming Service:http://farsightprime.com For remote-viewing course opportunities, contact PrinCess Jeane atprincessviews (at) gmail.comSubscri...

        keywords: gobekli tepe, ancient, ETs, syria, farsight institute