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      • cataleptik

        This is an angry fan letter!

        ...p;needed those jokes.   That was intelligent comedy of a level I will call "gut-busting."   I think, in fact, thinking of the fear and tension of 1999 and the e...

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        • cataleptik

          Dorothea And Max

          the artistic couple. Max Ernst's eyes look particularly haunted and sad. But Dorothea regards the artist fearlessly, directly

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          • ura soul

            Emotional balance needs to be comprehended deeply now in the group: holistic healing

            The emotional self is the most misunderstood aspect of self and almost no-one yet has the full depth that is available on this topic. All forms of control are unhealthy - especially control of the emotions. emotions are 'energy motion' and thus they are not being what they truly are if they are n...

            keywords: emotional balance, emotions, balance, rage, anger, fear, pain, heart, will, survival

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            • ura soul

              Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear in the group: holistic healing

              Summary: A new study reports the rhythm of your breathing can influence neural activity that enhances memory recall and emotional judgement.Source: Northwestern University.Breathing is not jus

              keywords: breathing, breathwork, yoga, fear, fight, flight, sinus, asthma, balance


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