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28 results for "federal reserve"



    • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

      My News Punch DR F DEJAHANG-PAST 10 DAYS-P1

      ...AR1fTrhOVIW7aDX7MFxDBwM53-YUVgbJ8N836SCHMDWwGS3NgDgLYJPUVTM ➽➜⇢➤Yes part of post CoronaVirus new world order project by Global Reserve Bank, as a step up from its Federal version of it.The Dollar has...


      • cataleptik

        Cindy Blackstock's long fight for the rights of First Nations children

        ...funding of public services on reserves today, its connection to the...government. In First Nations reserve communities, however, social...rastructure are funded by the federal government. And that funding...the Squamish Nation. In this federally funded organization, she wa...



        • Cynthia Taylor

          The enforcement of NESARA will shut down the Federal Reserve Central Bank end the IRS taxes 16th amendment never ratified all state and federal taxes you have paid will be refunded to you due to massive bank fraud. This is what produced NESARA.


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