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2 results for "feedback"

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    • ura soul

      how private do you prefer the activity page to be? in the group: network information

      presently the activity page shows most of the site activity (while respecting privacy settings of individual items. an alternative approach would be to do what many other social networks are doing and only allow the activity stream to be visible by co-creators and of the community and also t...

      keywords: activity, river, privacy, feedback, features

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      • ura soul

        new feature testing: improved image galleries in the group: network information

        i have been busy here the last few days writing code to make the image galleries in ureka much more pleasant to use and more aesthetically pleasing - to show off our images without overpowering them! i am close to uploading the changes to the main site so it would appreciate if you would take a l...

        keywords: gallery, feature, upgrade, ureka, images, feedback

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