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3 results for "female"

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    • ura soul

      she in the group: holistic healing

      we all embody a mix of masculine and feminine essence. this polarity has been known by some as the balance of yin and yang. different cultures have often 'experimented' with allowing one side of the polarity to dominate the other. our present societies commonly allow the masculine to dominate the...

      keywords: healing, balance, femininity, female, woman, women, feminine, yin, yang, heart, gender


      • innerverse

        Embodied Time Management & The Divine Feminine Cycle with Aubrey Warren

        Aubrey Warren returns to the show to talk about female psychology, the connection between mood and moon, modern witches, and how by living the way of the artist, we push past our perceived limitations. Aubrey is a yoga teacher, festival workshop coordinator, women's life coach, and more. Get dou...

        keywords: divine feminine, cycles, nature, time management, female, psychology, mood, moon, witches, healers


        • ura soul

          Non Judgement & Deprogramming the Fight or Flight Response Balances Heart in the group: holistic healing

          Some people hold very important parts of the puzzle of understanding who we are and what life is. Sometimes they themselves have never felt understood or respected and so have a hard time and feel angry, sad and hurt. It's necessary to know how to not judge if we are to ever truly understand the ...

          keywords: heart, healing, male, female, polarity, love