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2 results for "filters"

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    • ura soul

      bugfixed & enhancement: zone and co-creator list pages in the group: network information

      you can now sort the lists of zones in more flexible ways via the main zone page. i have also fixed a bug when sorting the list of co-creators alphabetically while only viewing co-creators who have uploaded an avatar image.\r\nnext up i intend to improve the main activity page to allow more advan...

      keywords: features, bugfixes, sorting, filters


      • ura soul

        enhancement: activity page now supports advanced filtering in the group: network information

        a great new feature has been added to ureka that makes the activity page much more useful. you can now filter the main activity list to only show items within specific zones, from all of your zones, within specific time periods, of a particular type (such as videos, thoughts and photos) - plus an...

        keywords: features, activity, filters, sorting, design, enhancement