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2 results for "folklore"

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    • innerverse

      Emily Ridout | Astro-Yoga, Folklore Wisdom & The Fractal Epiphany

      Emily Ridout is a multi-disciplinary scholar and teacher of Astrology, Yoga, and Folklore. Join us to learn about the Inner Zodiac, how various parts of your body connect with the constellations, and what types of movements correlate to Astrological signs. As above, so below & as within, so w...

      keywords: yoga, astrology, podcast, folklore, wisdom, health, spiritual


      • innerverse

        Linda Raedisch | The Lore of Old Elfland & Legends About Little People

        Linda Raedisch is the author of various books on folklore, magic, and myth. In this episode, we discuss her newest work, The Lore of Old Elfland: Secrets From the Bronze Age to Middle-Earth. These aren't Santa's Elves we're talking about though--this conversation examines the historical tribes an...

        keywords: innerverse, podcast, elves, history, legend, folklore, ancestors