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    all our bodies have needs.. often we overlook them or never even know the need exists. some foods giveth and some taketh away.\r\nhere we serve awareness of what helps and what does not. we are all unique and what is right for one may not be right for another; yet some choices are commonly healthy.




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    • cataleptik

      test post

      ...come in > another loon knocked on the doors begging for money or rolling papers ?> > and yet another wants me to make them food > > i have be...


      • cataleptik

        Vedic Misogyny: Hindu Scriptural Quotes on Women

        ...ppiness when she lives peacefully with her husband, and nicely cooks the food highly efficacious, and grown...riti 26.5-7And whilst not coming into contact with Sudras and remains of food; for this Gharma is...


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        • ura soul

          recipes for great food in the group: nutritional balance

          these are images of food i have made from my own recipes

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          • Maude Nelly Porchet

            permaculture in the desert

            As long as we find water we can grow food. In the Turkana Desert water is a challenge.\r\nSo far we have started a little garden in the Parkati community\r\nand are very excited about planting more drought resistant trees in the near future


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            • ura soul

              What I've Learned After 30+ Years on a Raw Food Diet in the group: nutritional balance

              Imagine living over 30 years on a raw food, vegan diet. Well, Dr. Robert Lockhart has done it and has learned a great deal along the way. Enjoy this interview as Dr. Robert Lockhart shares his experiences of eating a low fat, raw food diet.

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              • ura soul

                remember our childhood intentions of friendship in the group: holistic healing

                when i was a child, i desired equality, i knew we are all equal; whether or not we have experienced greatness, fairness, balance or equality, we are all of the one source and are all 'in truth' equal.\r\nas children we are often ignored by adults or viewed as 'less than' - 'not relevant'. i saw t...

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