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3 results for "form"

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    • ura soul

      the body is not an obstacle in the group: holistic healing

      body is an 'organ-isation' of your energy, your spirit slowed down in vibration and with a density that is crystallised into the pattern that you experience in matter... 'pattern' -> paternal, 'matter' -> maternal...\r\nthese words fit my understanding of the way language relates to the tru...

      keywords: body, healing, form

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      • ura soul

        form change in the group: slavery today

        slavery continues to exist - the shackles and ropes may be gone in most cases, yet the patterns remain with different appearances - the causes have not been found and evolved.

        keywords: form, patterns, slavery, suit, collars, cuffs, denial, money

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        • Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ

          Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ