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6 results for "fraud"


    • ura soul

      comment on "comments"

      ...lence to take them back from me. What's the difference between that and using violence to reclaim land that has been stolen on a large scale using fraudulent economics? I personally...

      • ureka.app

        comment on "Trump has ‘Unmatched Wisdom’! All Hail The Twitter God of Creation!"

        Steem User (@tonytrillions) said: Cornered like the rat he is, caught between being impeached and having his tax returns to expose him as a fraud, trump's behavior is increasingly erratic. In ONE day: - Syria - Open Skies Treaty - Great and Unmatched wisdom He's BEGGING for #25THAMENDMENTNOW.

        • ura soul

          comment on "comments"

          If you study the money creation system, you will see that all such loans are fraudulent in nature and can be cancelled. Check out the links in the description for more on that, including an academic study providing empirical proof.

          • ura soul

            comment on "if you feed a broken system, you will never find balance and true success"

            .... when they learned of my intent and that they were being forced into a corner where they would be forced to admit their entire system is based on fraud, they simply went silent. i c...

            • ura soul

              comment on "100% Raw Vegan Diet vs Optimal Diet"

              ...piritual sense - so to deal with the system 'on it's own terms' is problematic, yes. essentially, the entire system must be exposed to be based on fraud and deception - plus in a way...

              • ura soul

                comment on "Policeman Bows to Common Law"

                the point with the common law vs. statutes issue is that 'we the people' are being defrauded constantly in a way that lacks integrity. when first examining the issue most of us take...