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    • ura soul

      3 things threaten religion

      free women, free will and free speech

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      • ura soul

        les hypocrites

        ...d leaders' join arms to show their 'defiance of those who attack free expression and a free press' - in total denial that...udent-s-epic-tweets-call-out-the-biggest-hypocrites-marching-for-free-speech-in-paris

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        • ura soul

          Why free speech in social networks is essential and where to find it. in the group: aligning self for freedom

          For those old enough to remember the early days of the internet, true free speech is not mythical! Early social and community sites rarely - if ever - took action to censor or delete users. I fondly recall my time at tribe.net, where people helped each other to learn, to balance and deal with the...

          keywords: free speech, internet, social networking, balance, censorship, social network

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          • ura soul

            Project Veritas Google Insider: Censoring Jeffrey Epstein Info? in the group: conspiracy realists

            Project Veritas and their insider continue to expose Google and now they appear to have added Jeffrey Epstein to their block list. Google have been exposed, not just for censorship of specific political groups, but also censoring specific news topics that are of interest to the world. My recent v...

            keywords: google, youtube, censorship, jeffrey epstein, epstein, bill gates, microsoft, informationwar, free speech


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