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375 results for "free will"


    • Anakim


    groups (2):

    • slavery today

      slavery is the overpowering of an aspect of self by unloving consciousness. common targets of overpowering that unlovingness chooses to dominate include 'the free will of beings', 'the free evolution of the mind' & 'the needs and desires of the body'. all recognised forms of slavery include these types of domination in one way or another.
    • free will & non conformity

      increasing and nurturing awareness of free will to assist the healing and loving enlightenment of all.


      • ura soul

        comment on "comments"

        ...and misunderstanding of fundamental rights and freedoms of the person. No-one has...eam narrative does NOT come from such people. I will be speaking with the Wim Hof...supercharge' the immune system through internal will. I have already provided you...

        • ura soul

          comment on "comments"

          ...uch deeper research to understand them than mainstream and your doctor will provide you. You only need to...health CARE, but is physical abuse. You don't get to dominate people's free will and body because YOU are SCAR...

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          • BlueTruth


            ...research into following the money will also plainly see (CDC,WHO,Vac...ies, and decide how those who live will be "allowed" to live. It is i...er captive in slavery or humane in freedom. You, who reads this now a...an ignore the truth of this but it will not go away. Truth doesn't ca...


            • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

              My News Punch DEJAHANG

              ...id in a press conference that Iran will remain under sanctions, and T...ldiers.  Just one, Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a C Company pl...-   The day has arrived when freedom has ceased to exist in thi...ain in home prisons, and soon they will be told they are required to...


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              • cataleptik

                by cataleptik

                I wrote lyrics when I sang for Abandon Earth that were: if you are not free/than i am not free/and you are not free/so i am not free/but we will all be free/we shall all be free....more

                • cataleptik

                  by cataleptik

                  "Only interfere with the will of those who interfere with the free will of others." I can't remember where I heard that first...more

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                • Baby hat for willow

                  Baby hat for willow

                  .... Today I’m still finishing up adding ear flaps. I hope it gets to willow soon so it fits her for thi...yone wants a pdf file of a basic baby hat pattern I can send you one for free. I have a 6 mos size and 1-2...

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                  • ura soul

                    evolution of light and consciousness

                    option 1 represents the evolving presence of loving light.\r\noption 2 represents the evolving presence of unloving light.

                    keywords: chakras, free will, destiny, evolution, consciousness

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                    • Dr Fereydoun Dejahang

                      My News Punch EVENTS

                      The only antidote to a campaign of lies by corporate medi...quo; Rogin said. “If China’s leaders are willing to stop telling lies about...twitted. Pompeo said in a press conference that Iran will remain under sanctions, and T...

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                      • cataleptik

                        Cycle-Logic Astrology by Syd Real

                        informed heavily by Rob Breszny of Free Will/Real Astrology and the Beauty And Truth Lab Linda Goodman of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, Love Signs, Star Signs and astronomy   for entertainment purposes primarily


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                        • ura soul

                          exposing cases of non-consensual experimentation in the group: conspiracy realists

                          Over the years, many cases have been uncovered of corporate agents and government groups being involved in planning, designing and carrying out dangerous and even fata...

                          keywords: experiments, free will, experimentation, denial, heartlessness

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                          • ura soul

                            guy fakes day in the group: free will & non conformity

                            remember remember the 5th of november, gunpowder, treacle and pop!\r\nwhat better day than today to real-eyes and release the judgement that judgement is a seat of power.\r\njudgement is a seat of fake power in that it diminishes instead of empowers; belittles and limits in place of frees, not ju...

                            keywords: persona, denial, mask, free will

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                            • ura soul

                              reversing the denial of childhood emotions and will

                              overpowering our own feelings occurs so often we make a habit of it and claim we have no choice.often we are in situations where we are presented with a choice to either overpower our true desire or to 'go along' with someone elses mental model of what is acceptable FOR us rather than have them a...

                              keywords: freedom, free will, love, healing, right use of will

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