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244 results for "freedom"


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  • aligning self for freedom

    the specifics of releasing us from the habitual and erronious patterns that imprison us.




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    • ura soul

      bertrand russell brand

      ...s. He was instrumental in the project to wreck European and American culture through his chairmanship of the CIA sponsored Congresss for Cultural Freedom. Far from being a pacifist, h...

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      • ura soul

        reversing the denial of childhood emotions and will

        overpowering our own feelings occurs so often we make a habit of it and claim we have no choice.often we are in situations where we are presented with a choice to either overpower our true desire or to 'go along' with someone elses mental model of what is acceptable FOR us rather than have them a...

        keywords: freedom, free will, love, healing, right use of will

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        • ura soul

          allowing the evolution of mental adaptation to circumstances in the group: aligning self for freedom

          the mind is a merging of intention, awareness, focus and feeling - perceptions and thoughts are created as these aspects interact. \r\nif any aspect is denied or ignored, the thoughts and perceptions are incomplete and do not represent the whole truth. thus to be well, we must end denial and...

          keywords: denial, mind, healing, heart, freedom, right use of will, manifestation, brain

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