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    • ura soul

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      I don't know much about the details of Singapore or Scandinavia. I have seen people providing contradictory evidence regarding Scandinavia though. I agree that the 'classic' 'debate...

      • ureka.app

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        ...cludes the various principles of the 2 "...isms." A prime example is Singapore. Founded on socialist prin...nt and truly concerned about the welfare of all citizens. Under Lee, Singapore never instituted a minimum...

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        • ura soul

          by ura soul

          when there is a sudden shift internally, it is necessary to feel into the causes to understand what is stirring and why there is a gap between how we think we are and how we actually are. it is quite common to be that way on earth presently!


          • cataleptik

            Gargle - Bridges The Gap

            the gap between haves and have nots is atrocity itself.  only: people of heart and soul can see this!  the disparity, the unfairness, and how it could be fi...

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            • ura soul

              TPP explained (trans pacific partnership)

              keywords: tpp, trade agreement, gap, fascism

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