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5 results for "garden"


    • innerverse

      I need a set up like that, I am such a gardening novice that some of my effort goes to waste. But it's still infinitely rewarding just to spend time in the dirt with Mama Earth.

      • ura soul

        that's a great way to solve the problem. communal gardens are the way forward in a bigger picture sense :)

        • SoulFish

          I miss having a garden, where I live right now I can barely keep houseplants, it's small and a quadraplex I'm in the middle of, so no windows on two sides of the house. There is however, a nice lady down the street who has a fantastic garden so I...more

          • innerverse

            I enjoy my garden beyond my ability to describe.

            • ura soul

              by ura soul

              Chris Cornell passed on today - Soundgarden - Hands All Over