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2 results for "genetic engineering"

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    • ura soul

      Vaccines: an ideal covert op to genetically re-engineer humans in the group: slavery today

      Vaccines: an ideal covert op to genetically re-engineer humans Why is the government so maniacal about injecting vaccines? by Jon Rappoport July 11, 2015 (To read about Jon's mega-collection, Power...

      keywords: vaccines, vaccinations, dna, genetic engineering, caste system


      • ura soul

        CORONAVIRUS - 2010 - Whistlblower Stated Secret Plan to Infect China With DNA Targeted Flu Bioweapon in the group: conspiracy realists

        Bill Ryan is a respected researcher into the hidden side of our world's geopolitical situation and some may know him from the internet projects - Project Camelot and Project Avalon. In this video from 2010 he describes a discussion with a whistleblower who was present at a high level Freemason me...

        keywords: coronavirus, virus, china, freemasonry, secret society, flu, genetic engineering, dna, news, bill ryan, whistleblower