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    • ura soul

      chemtrail patent

      comment taken from facebook (not written by me - ura soul):"\r\nFor people who like to shrug and deny that chemtrails exist as a plan and reality, likewise about HAARP, the...

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      • ura soul

        Geoengineering And The Collapse Of Earth 2014 - THIS MUST BE SHARED! in the group: conspiracy realists

        http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org This is one of those videos that is a shock to the system. Hats off to Dane Wigington for the amazing presentation. Check him out on Facebook here: Please visit the site for more info, these guys know what they are talking about: Dane Wigington presents hard dat...

        keywords: chemtrails, denial, heartlessness, geo-engineering, radiation, america, fish, cows, temperature, earth, battle, media

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        • ura soul

          From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life in the group: conspiracy realists

          Order your copy of this DVD at www.AvatarProducts.com today! Filmed at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in August of 2012, Sofia Smallstorm connects the dots between the modern radiation era and the creation of synthetic biology.

          keywords: chemtrails, denial, heartlessness, geo-engineering, bioweapon, morgellons, radiation, manhattan project, america, als, polio, cellphones, microwave, vaccines, vaccinations

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